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Annual Activities 97/98
13/11/97 Genting Seminar organised by Rotaract Club
15/11/97 Welcome & Farewell Party
17/01/98 Installation Night
20/02/98 Interactors helping on Annual Sports Day
28/02/98 Gathering
07/03/98 Gathering
14/04/98 Gathering
28/03/98 President Lim gave a talk on leadership quality to the Red Crescent Society of SCHS
04/04/98 Gathering
06/04/98 Recycling Week
24/04/98 Educational visit to PS Terminal
13/06/98 Recycling activity
Lecture on overseas studying conducted by Rotaract Club
14/06/98 Interschool Telematch
20/06/98 Gathering
27/06/98 Career talk given by Rotary Club
11/07/98 Gathering
23/07/98 Attending Rotaract Installation Night
25/07/98 Arrival of District Governor Datuk Stephen Wan Ullok
Rotary Installation Night
08/08/98 Installation Night of Ineract Club of SMK Holy Trinity
08/08/98 Design & Invention Seminar
22/08/98 Gathering with Past Interactors
03/09/98 Interact Camp 1998
23/09/98 Intake of new members
31/10/98 Attending Old Clothes Collection Opening Ceremony at Red Crescent Society H.Q.

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