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Annual Activities 98/99
14/11/98 Welcoming and Farewell Party 98/99
09/01/99 First Gathering of the Interactors
16/01/99 Installation Night Rehearsal
23/01/99 The 5th Installation Night of Interact club of Sabah Chinese High School
30/01/99 Gathering
05/02/99-06/02/99 Interactors helping for the school Annual Sport Day
11/02/99-12/02/99 Camping of the Six Uniform Societies
12/02/99-13/02/99 Recycling
27/02/99 The first formal ECA meet
27/03/99 Seminar on " Problems of Youth in Today's Society"
03/04/99 Birthday Party ( January- June)
25/04/99 Recycling
24/05/99 Visit to Shan-Shui Golf & Country Club
27/05/99-30/05/99 RYLA Seminar
26/06/99 Telematch organised by Interact Club of SMK St.Patrick
26/06/99 Installation of Rotary Club of Tawau Tanjung
04/07/99 Interactors helping for School Anniversary
10/07/99 RYLA Talk
17/07/99 Installation of Rotaract Club of Tawau
21/07/99 Arrival of District Governor Mr.Lim Hock Teck
25/07/99 Recycling
31/07/99 Visit to Tong Len Poultry Farm
07/08/99 Visit to P.J Nagus Plantation
08/08/99 Birthday Party (July- December)
14/08/99 Election of the new board of committee members

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