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Year 2001

The installation of the board of directors (2001) of the six uniformed societies The 7th Installation Night. Interactors' group photo after the installation of six uniformed societies. President 2001 Teo Hui Shan signs on the card.
Vice President 2001 Song Jie Boon signs President Elect 2001 Louisa Lisa Lo signs Interactors at ease before the installation ceremony began. From the front right: Teo Hui Shan ( President 2001), Song Jie Boon ( Vice President 2001)


Year 2000

Tawau old airport,before depart to Kuching for RYLA 2000. From left: Stanley Yong (Teacher Advisor), Louisa Lisa Lo, Teo Hui Shan, Ha Siaw Ling, Song Jie Boon, Chin Shin Chee.

Pan Borneo Inter Club at Chocolate Room, hotel Emas.The representatives are S2 and S3 interactors.

S2 and S3 interactors during Interact Camp 2000 .From right: Koh Yen Siang (President 99/00), Alex Lim, Wong Koh Son, Willis Lim (acting President 2000), Seah Sin Yuen, Chong Wui Yau
Trip to Bukit Gemok. Taken after finish climbing the Bukit Gemok.
Group of interactors after the closing ceremony of Interact Camp 2000. Games in Birthday Party. For strengten the fellowship between interactors. Taken after the talk given by rotaractor during Interact Camp 2000 Rotarians and Interactors in the 6th Installation Night

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